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10/19/2021 12:10:00 AM > 10/27/2021 12:09:48 PM

Students First

Equity, Access, and Opportunity in Higher Education
Paul LeBlanc, Foreword by Bridget Terry Long

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Paul LeBlanc has reimagined higher education, with a focus on the most fundamental of functions: student learning. In Students First, he advocates for an entire higher education ecosystem in which students have the flexibility to gain, assess, and certify their knowledge on their own terms and timelines.


10/12/2021 12:10:00 AM > 10/27/2021 12:09:48 PM

School Finance and Education Equity

Lessons from Kansas
Bruce D. Baker

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This inspiring account of bipartisan political success delivers an expert breakdown of how and why Kansas—a politically conservative state—was able to craft a stable, balanced, and equitable system of funding for its public schools. Beyond a chronicle of one state’s achievements, School Finance and Education Equity provides invaluable policy guidance and lays out a blueprint that other states can use to strengthen their own public education systems.


9/28/2021 12:00:05 AM > 10/27/2021 12:09:48 PM

Preparing and Sustaining Social Justice Educators

Edited by Annamarie Francois and Karen Hunter Quartz

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Preparing and Sustaining Social Justice Educators spotlights the challenging and necessary work of fostering social justice in schools. Integral to this work are the teachers and school leaders who enact the principles of social justice—racial equity, cultural inclusivity, and identity acceptance—daily in their classrooms. This volume makes the case that high-quality public education relies on the recruitment, professional development, and retention of educators ready to navigate complex systemic and structural inequities to best serve vulnerable student populations.


9/14/2021 12:10:00 AM > 10/27/2021 12:09:48 PM

Stuck Improving

Racial Equity and School Leadership
Decoteau J. Irby

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An incisive case study of changemaking in action, Stuck Improving analyzes the complex process of racial equity reform within K–12 schools. Scholar Decoteau J. Irby emphasizes that racial equity is dynamic, shifting as our emerging racial consciousness evolves and as racism asserts itself anew. Those who accept the challenge of reform find themselves “stuck improving,” caught in a perpetual dilemma of both making progress and finding ever more progress to be made. Rather than dismissing stuckness as failure, Irby embraces it as an inextricable part of the improvement process.


8/31/2021 12:10:00 AM > 10/27/2021 12:09:48 PM

Schools Under Siege

The Impact of Immigration Enforcement on Educational Equity
Edited by Patricia Gándara and Jongyeon Ee

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Using original qualitative and quantitative data, Schools Under Siege confronts the many ways, direct and indirect, in which US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) policies and practices disrupt education. The book explores not only the impact of these policies on the six-million-plus K–12 students in the US at risk for being directly affected by enforcement but also the wide-ranging consequences for their classmates, educators, and communities.


7/27/2021 12:10:00 AM > 10/27/2021 12:09:48 PM

Deep in Thought

A Practical Guide to Teaching for Intellectual Virtues
Jason Baehr

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Deep in Thought provides an introduction to intellectual virtues—the personal qualities and character strengths of good thinkers and learners—and outlines a pragmatic approach for teachers to reinforce them in the classroom.