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3/23/2021 12:10:00 AM > 6/13/2021 9:54:10 PM

Teacher Diversity and Student Success

Why Racial Representation Matters in the Classroom
Seth Gershenson, Michael Hansen, and Constance A. Lindsay

Teacher Diversity and Student Success makes a powerful case for diversifying the teaching force as an important policy lever for closing achievement gaps and moving schools closer to equity goals.


2/16/2021 12:10:00 AM > 6/13/2021 9:54:10 PM

Creating Entrepreneurial Community Colleges

A Design Thinking Approach
Carrie B. Kisker

In this book, Carrie B. Kisker illustrates how community colleges can utilize design thinking to identify and evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities, and experiment with the internal changes necessary to optimize outcomes for stakeholders. Kisker outlines a process whereby college leaders can empower faculty and staff to think creatively about how to reduce their institution’s dependence on state allocations in ways that not only are consistent with the college’s mission and values, but also provide the greatest likelihood for institutional and student success.