Prospective Authors

Acquisitions at Harvard Education Press
Harvard Education Press (HEP) is a book publishing imprint of the Harvard Education Publishing Group. Based at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and founded in 2002, HEP is an editorially independent, peer-reviewed press. Our mission is to publish books that strengthen the connections between research, policy, and practice. We publish for a wide range of education readers, including policy makers, researchers, advocates, and practitioners. Our books influence and inform education practice, explore ongoing debates, and report on important research. At HEP, our editors as well as our production team and our marketing, sales, and publicity staff work closely with authors to create books that reflect our high standards of excellence and our commitment to serving the field.

Acquisitions Staff
Our acquiring editors specialize in developing book lists of particular interest to our readership, but they are always looking for new areas of interest in keeping with our mission of serving education practitioners, policy makers, and researchers. If you are unsure whether your proposal is a good fit for our press, feel free to email a brief description of your project or a draft of your proposal to any one of the editors below. Our proposal guidelines can be accessed here.

Douglas Clayton
Executive Director
Areas of interest include: Race and education, higher education, special education and universal design, international education, and the relations between education, employability, and the workplace.

Caroline Chauncey
Associate Director and Editor-in-Chief
Areas of interest include: Assessment and accountability, college access and completion, education leadership, equity and diversity, federal and state policy, building instructional capacity in schools and districts, student engagement and motivation, and connecting research to practice in education.

Jayne Fargnoli
Areas of interest include: Race and education and higher education

Nancy Walser
Areas of interest include: District administration and governance, teaching and the teaching profession, classroom pedagogies, social-emotional learning, student-centered learning, behavior and school climate, parent and community engagement, personalized learning and competency-based education, and technology use in education.

Submission Guidelines for Book Proposals
Book proposals submitted to Harvard Education Press will be considered in light of a number of factors: the potential impact of the work on education policy and/or practice; the relevance and originality of its contribution to the field; the body of evidence on which the work is based; the clarity and accessibility of presentation; the project’s “fit” with our publishing list; and the author’s qualifications.

Authors interested in publishing with Harvard Education Press should submit a formal book proposal to the appropriate acquisitions editor (see above). Prospective authors must inform the acquiring editor if their proposal has been submitted to other presses.

Please note that Harvard Education Press is a peer-reviewed press. Proposals accepted for review must be withdrawn from consideration by other presses. Proposals that have received positive reviews must also be approved by the Harvard Education Press editorial board, which includes faculty at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and practitioners affiliated with HGSE.