Harvard Educational Review
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    Summer 2023

    "Security, Conflict Management and Peacebuilding: Formal Education in Intra-State Political Agreements 1989-2016" by Giuditta Fontana 
    "White Organizers and White Organizations? Dilemmas of Whiteness in a Youth-Led Movement for School Integration" by Alexandra Freidus 
    "The Firsts: An Inquiry into the Interiority of Black South African Principals Inside White Majority Schools" by Jonathan Jansen, Samantha Kriger  
    "The Clearing: On Black Education Studies and the Problem of 'Antiblackness'" by kihana miraya ross, Jarvis R. Givens 
    "Harassment, Discouragement, and Intimidation of College Students in Prison: A Qualitative Study on the Prevalence of Disciplinary Power in Prison Higher Education" by Caisa E. Royer, Erin L. Castro, Estefanie Aguilar Padilla
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