Harvard Educational Review
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    Fall 2020

     "Curricular Contradictions: Negotiating Between Pursuing National Board Certification and an Urban District’s Direct Instruction Mandate" by Travis J. Bristol, Joy Esboldt

    “'We Are the Forgotten of the Forgottens': The Effects of Charter School Reform on Public School Teachers" by Erika M. Kitzmiller

    "The Learning of Teaching: A Portrait Composed of Teacher Voices" Irene A. Liefshitz

    "The Semi-Formality of Teacher Leadership on the Edge of Chaos" by Jason Margolis

    "Authority and Control: The Tension at the Heart of Standards-Based Accountability" by Jack Schneider, Andrew Saultz

    "Technical Ceremonies: Rationalization, Opacity, and the Restructuring of Educational Organizations" by Maxwell M. Yurkofsky

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