Harvard Educational Review
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    Spring 2020


    “Bridging the Public and Private in the Study of Teaching: Revisiting the Research Argument” by Rachel E. Schachter, Donald Freeman

    “Mothering Special Children: Negotiating Gender, Disability, and Special Education in Contemporary China” by Jinting Wu

    Symposium: Portraiture as a Method of Social Inquiry

    Editors’ Introduction by Sarah Bruhn and Raquel L. Jimenez

    “Tools to Build Their Best Learning: Examining How Kindergarten Teachers Frame Student Mistakes” by Maleka Donaldson

    “Transitions: Researchers’ Positionality and Malleability of Site and Self Over Time” by Sarah Dryden-Peterson

    “Giving and Receivership: The Interaction of Relationships, Emotions, and Policy Implementation in the Holyoke Public Schools Takeover” by Simone A. Fried

    After Words: Negotiating Participant and Portraitist Response in the Study ‘Aftermath’” by Pei Pei Liu

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