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    Summer 2019

    “Politics of Redaction: Boundary Work among Digital Technology Education Reformers” by Ethan Chang

    “‘Los Músicos’: Mexican Corridos, the Aural Border, and the Evocative Musical Renderings of Transnational Youth” by Cati V. de los Ríos

    “Endless Mourning: Racial Melancholia, Black Grief, and the Transformative Possibilities for Racial Justice in Education” by Justin Grinage

    “From Protest to Protection: Navigating Politics with Immigrant Students in Uncertain Times” by Reva Jaffe-Walter, Chandler Patton Miranda, Stacey J. Lee

    “Asian Americans, Affirmative Action, and the Political Economy of Racism: A Multidimensional Model of Racial Frames” by OiYan A. Poon, Megan S. Segoshi, Lilianne Tang, Kristen Surla, Caressa Nguyen, Dian Squire

    “Dangerous Moments” by Jay Wamsted
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